After Aeneas, 25x21”, oil, concrete, steel, carpet, 2019

         Untitled (Brancusian Slip), 31x22”, oil and dye on concrete and canvas, 2019

Pantheon, 96x56x56”, 4 painting assemblages made of various fabrics, wood, concrete, steel, bleach, and dyes
leaning on one another, with box lit sign, fabrics, cast concrete noses, hand mirror and twine in center, 2019

Epitaph, 29x16” oil, acrylic, graphite and sand on steel, concrete and plaster, 2019

Stand a Little Out of My Sun (Repentance), 31x22”, oil, acrylic, and book cover on concrete and canvas, 2019

O☐∆ , 14x11”, oil and dye on linen and wood, 2019

Topography/Tautology, Sediment/Sentiment, 60x43”, oil and sand on canvas with inset panel of dress fabric, 2019

Hugs or Kisses, 38x51.5”, oil, tar paper, canvas, and staples on canvas, 2018-9

Book of Changes, 14.5x10”, book, concrete, gouache, nails, 2019

Verso (QRST), 9.25x20.25”, acrylic, oil, arrowheads, 3D printed plastic, and concrete in back of stretched canvas, 2019

Saying It, 28x20”, oil and sand on canvas, 2019

We Call Upon the Author, 46.5x36”, oil on canvas, 2018

Hank Searls Sells Seashells, 75x95”, oil, tar paper, and foam on canvas, 2018

Changes and Communication (after Al Jensen), 60x48”, oil on canvas, 2018

Deep/Space (Two Mysteries), 25x20”, oil on inset and framing canvas, 2018


HARDHAND, 60x48”, oil and twine on, in, and around canvas, 2018

J’s and tack, 11x8.5”, oil, dye, sand, and tac on canvas, 2019

Result, 30x23”, oil on canvas, 2018

Greek Tragedy, 28x20”, oil on canvas, 2018