Apricot Trees Exist, 43x31x7”, oil, acrylic, flashe, collage, soot, and charcoal on linen and wood, with shelves, candles, and electric candle, 2021-2022
(arrows for details)

Hearts and Bones (Walt), 66x45x3”, oil, acrylic and collage on organza and cast plaster, 2019-2021 (arrows for details)

Britney Brain, 27x19”, oil and collage on canvas, 2021 (arrows for details)

A New Testament, 34x30”, acrylic, flashe, oil and faux gold leaf on canvas with inset giclee canvas print of Deep Ocean by Benjamin Casiano, 2021
(arrows for details)

My Praxis ‘n Me, 50x40”, oil, collage, and distemper on canvas, 2021

Extreme Unction (To a Poet), 78x27”, oil paint, collage, linseed oil, and raw pigment on canvas and wood, 2020 (arrows for details)

Voyeur, 11x8.5”, oil on linen, 2020-21

Test, 18x24”, oil on canvas, 2020

Speak Spoke Spake, 41x30”, oil on canvas, 2020

St. Sebastian (I Don’t Neel a Thing), 55.5x40”, acrylic on linen, chewing gum, and oil on canvas, 2020 (arrows for details)

Deep Time Closet Vol. 2, 60x27”, oil on canvas, 2020 (arrows for details)

HerMeS 4 (small bang), 18x20”, oil on organza and plastic wrap, with inset store-bought canvas, 2020

E Unus Pluribum, 72x48”, oil and collage on canvas, 2020 (arrows for details)

Faith–Faitour, 11x8.5”, oil on linen, 2020

The Cloud, 96x72”, oil on canvas, linen, and wood, 2020 (arrows for details)

Cellar Door (Proposal for a Flag), 70x120”, oil, acrylic, pastel, staples, linen, canvas, found wood, tea cup, paintbrush, 2020 (arrows for details)

Untitled/Sans Titre/Ohne Titel, 23.5x17.5”, oil on wood, 2020 (arrows for details)

Title Track (The Hope of Suggestion), 16.5x12”, oil and acrylic on linen, 2020

Action Painting, 61x30x18”, oil, soot, electric candle, wood, found table, 2020 (arrows for details)

The Pronunciation, 14.5x11.5”, lime plaster, pigment, acrylic, dye, staples, burlap, book covers, and wood, 2020 (arrows for details)

Fast Forward, 20x16.5”, lime plaster, pigment,  burlap, acrylic, oil, book cover, staples, tar paper, and wood, 2020 (arrows for details)

Hermes 3, 14x11”, lime plaster, pigment, burlap, oil, acrylic, watercolor, staples, linen, and masonite panel, 2019-2020 (arrows for details)

Hermes 1, 16x13”, oil and staples on linen and wood, 2019-2020

List, 11x8.5”, oil on linen, 2019

Reading in the Morning, 9.5x12”, lime plaster, pigment, acrylic, burlap, staples and book cover mounted to masonite, 2020

Flag for One, 6x9”, lime plaster and pigment on loose burlap, 2020